Cinematic Experience represents the process of producing music from moving film images and uses drawing techniques to create a restructured music notation vocabulary.

Cinematic Experience: Composition Marilyn concentrates on the movements of Marilyn Monroe in the classic film “Some like it Hot” (Billy Wilder, 1959) which are then translated into a Cinematic Experience score as a basis for musical structure. Monroe’s movements (head, shoulder, body, hands and feet) are independently followed on the screen with a drawing instrument on celluloid paper and are translated into drawings. Each drawing (body part) is then translated into a musical note. The actress’ body movements and persona guide the rhythm, strength and length of the musical composition.

Marilyn’s gestures transformed into a visual score are simply the first few steps of a process toward many new possibilities for visual and musical interpretation. Cinematic Experience is a new and inventive approach to music, where we are witness to the interconnection of many art forms, specifically film, visual art, music composition and performance.




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brigitta kocsis